Saturday, April 4, 2009

I love men!!!!!

And that is pretty much all I have to say about that! :)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The WORST nightmare EVER!!!

Lately I've been having some pretty crazy dreams that leave me with a strange feeling when I wake up and sometimes it lingers all day. I wake up feeling dark and uneasy yet I can't remember specifically what happens in these dreams. But last night I remembered exactly what happened and it was the worst thing that could happen ever! Well, for me anyway ;)
Those who know me really well know I am a planner. I plan EVERYTHING. My hobbies, my house, my activites, the kind of wife and mother I want to be, the kind of husband I want, my children's names, their personalities, the baby accessories I'll buy, activities I want to do with the family I'll create someday, my funeral....the list goes on and on. But most of all I plan my WEDDING!
If I wasn't a nurse I'd probably be a wedding planner. Who knows? Maybe I'll "retire" to this profession someday. We'll see (the plans are in the making). I love weddings! But contrary to what people may think (Corey) I am not marriage obsessed. My love for weddings is not so much about my own, but just weddings in general. I could talk about weddings all day with anyone and be just fine. I am always looking for new ideas! I have several different scenarios to choose from depending on when I actually get married. And since I do not plan on having the good fortune of living out each and every one of these glorious ideas on my own weddings I must pick my favorites and then gently yet forcefully live out the rest through my younger sisters. Just kidding.
Anywho, needless to say, I have much of my plans picked out. Venue, photographer, hairdo, dress, decorations, caterer/food...and this is why I don't understand my dream! Okay, we're going into dream mode. Ready? okay
In my dream I wake up in the temple. Now I understand that the temple is not a hotel, alright? I get that. At least I was on the right track, okay? I woke up in a nice room with dark minty green walls, dark wood furniture, mirrors and white linens. I recognized it was my wedding day, but then I realized
"wait, it's my wedding day?! I don't even have a photographer! And what time is it? Who's going to do my hair?!"
So obviously I have to start getting ready, but like I said, there's no one arranged to do my hair so I'm going to have to come up with something on my own. Good thing I have curly hair! I started planning ways to manipulate my hair with bobby pins to create the hairdo I have in mind. Then my mom arrives.
"Mom, I don't even have a photographer! (I don't know why this was such a big deal to me) Wait, did we go get our marriage license? I arranged for the temple today right?! I told you I was getting married TODAY right?!"
At this point I didn't even know where my husband-to-be was, let alone who he was. I guess, because I am a planner, and a flexible one at that, I start taking action to fix what I could in the little amount of time I have left.
"Dad, go to Costco and buy Erica the Nikon i-1050 (yes I made up some random camera model) that comes with two lenses. She can take the pictures."
My sister, in real life thank heavens, is like a born photographer so in my dream I decided to utilize her in my time of need and buy her an expensive camera because at this point staying "on budget" is out the window. Obviously I hadn't spent any of my "wedding budget" anyway since nothing was planned!!! I started directing people to go to Roberts crafts and buy ribbons and flowers to make sashes to hang on the backs of the chairs since it was obviously too late to rent them! (However I failed to plan on how I was going to get all those chairs in the first place) I had my mom make some last minute phone calls to a park manager to reserve the park since it was the least likely out of all the other venues in mind that would be booked on a weekend! My frenzied mind then went on to how on earth am I going to feed the guests?!?!?! It all must have been too much for me cause at this point I woke up in a panic.
I just don't get it! I have so much "planned" already why didn't I just make some freaking phone calls?! The meaning of the dream: Maybe I am not ready to get married. Or maybe I was marrying the wrong guy. Or maybe I need to attend a bridal fair so that I can be even MORE prepared! YES!!!! I think that's it. Da-da-da-dah!!! Bridal fair at Provo High on April 18th. I'm there! Thanks dream! It never hurts to be prepared! :)