Thursday, August 29, 2013

Life is Good

I feel so happy today! The babies were born and will be six weeks old tomorrow. Their birth story to come....but today I just want to rejoice, yes rejoice, in what a wonderful life I have. The babies are so good. They occasionally get fussy (usually around 8 pm), but overall they wake up crying to eat, I feed them, change them, and lay them back down to sleep. Then they sleep until they are hungry again. At first I felt kind of bad that they were just lying in their rock'n plays or their crib sleeping most the time, but then I figured that newborns don't really need to be entertained. Even if you wanted to, they would probably just fall asleep or cry because you were disturbing them. Now that they are getting older they are staying awake a little bit longer than usual and that's why I've noticed an increase in fussiness, but they are also really good about just lying there quietly looking around. I am actually able to get a lot done during the day. I shower everyday (unless I'm too lazy), I've been able to keep the house clean....I haven't cooked meals for us, but I changed that today! I went grocery shopping (I dropped the girls off at grandma and grandpa Pew's house) and made Cashew Chicken for dinner. It was delish if I do say so myself!!! I even ran on the treadmill today. I was a little apprehensive about starting to work out again (because it's HARD) but I was looking forward to it at that same time. If you can imagine I have quite the saggy belly after the girls stretched it out. I look like I have a flat tire just hanging off my lower torso. I found it quite comical the first couple weeks after the girls were born because there was nothing I could do about it and I figured it wouldn't be like that forever (because I don't WANT it to be like that forever) and I might as well laugh about it. But now that the weeks are progressing and I'm wearing normal clothes again, it just looks funny. A week or so ago I weighed myself and was only 5 lbs from my pre pregnancy weight! Yay me! But according to my doctor's scale I was about 10 lbs away. Waaah Waaaahhhhh :( But I don't know what to believe because I haven't weighed myself on my home scale since that day. No sense in doing that when I haven't been exercising or watching what I eat!

Anyway, today was just a really good day. I just love taking care of the girls. I love feeding them their bottles, dressing them, changing their diapers, soothing them....*sigh* it's bliss. And I loooooove not working!!!! HELLO!!! Can I do motherhood and wifely duties full time please?! Someday! Maybe...who knows. I love cleaning my house and making dinner. I love chatting with my neighbor girl friends. I love my house and our neighborhood and Utah and the world and EVERYTHING!!!!! I'm just going to enjoy this while I can because I know the girls won't always be so good. But I will still love them and love taking care of them.

Until next time!!!!